Wednesday, October 8, 2008


How many teachers have attempted to tap into the excited, artisitic, and cartoonish side of their students. Well, this program allows you an easier approach. Have your students sign up for and create their own comic strip.

Once they are finished they can post it on their blog or wiki, print it off or use it an any other ways you can create.


Meera said...

Hi there,

Yes, many educators have used comics creatively in education. They are indeed a powerful medium of expression, especially in education. You should also check out, an easy-to-use online comic strip creator packed with inbuilt characters and loads of cool features!

Have fun teaching with comics!

Jaime Germann said...

Thanks meera for the new website to check out. We are trying to create a blog that teachers, parents, and community can use and communicate through. We are hoping more people do what you just have done. Give us more sites and tools to check out.